February 18, 2015

New for 2015

Wouldn't you know it, the tenth anniversary of this very site passed two weeks ago unmarked. So it goes. Unlike other parts of my life, this site hasn't been too preoccupied with its milestones.

2015. It's still a relatively new year. What does it have in store? A lot, I expect.

It's been ten years of this site, ten years since my decision to take my apprenticeship in wine more seriously. Ten years of sort of documenting the way, from cryptic harvest reports when I was working for others to my own experiments in the garage that led to my own commercial winery starting in 2009.

Now I'm entering my seventh year as Vincent Wine Company and planning more than 1,000 cases of wine production this fall. That's a lot compared to the old garage days of 25 cases at a time.

Much has changed in ten years, and it seems fitting to make some more changes. Growing production is one, possibly adding more grape varieties is another, even possibly working on a new estate wine project with a grower friend is still another potential change in the air.

Among other things.

More on that soon enough.