May 27, 2010

Vincent garage tasting, a pictorial

Four incredibly busy days later, I'm still reflecting the glow of last Sunday's Vincent garage tasting. It marked the end of home winemaking. I'm happy to announce that just today I received final approval for the Vincent Wine Company winery license. It seems fitting to finish the garage project in pictures like memories.

The 2008 Vincent Pinot Noir, Zenith Vineyard.

 Me pouring for wine conspirator and friend, Anne Hubatch.

Translucent Vincent Pinot noir.

Garage scene.

Home cured pork from Portland Charcuterie Project.

Lonzino from PCP. Oh my god.

PCP pickles on our Bauer plate.

 A wine garage, but still a garage.

Jennifer prettied the place up with Gerber daisies.

 Last of the homemade wine.
Thanks to everyone who came.
Big thanks to Todd Merkel of Portland Charcuterie Project for the delicious home cured meats and pickles. Todd's doing incredible work for the love of food.
And thanks especially to Joshua Chang of PDXploration for the gorgeous photography and permission to use his work here on élevage .


Byron Dooley said...

Dang, if I hadn't been (and still am) pouring my own wines this weekend, I would have loved to have been there -- although I'm very happy to have Vincent's words and Joshua's pictures to experience it vicariously...

Mitch Thomas said...

A great time with great wine... hey, I don't remember the charcuterie... perhaps the photographer cleaned it up :).

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Byron, I'll let you know about the next thing we do.

Mitch, you and me both. I barely got a sample pf each, though I was a little busy. These events are like a wedding. You don't get a chance to slow down and eat something. But what I tried was really good.

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

Byron.. I actually met you ( for the third or fourth time ) the weekend before Memorial day.

I'm the guy who always comes in for a super quick tasting and to buy a few bottles of your Pinot at the end of a VERY long day of pickup parties and wine tasting.

I'm committing before God and the Internet to make you my first stop the weekend before Thanksgiving.. I couldn't wait and cracked open one of the Luminous Hills Pinot's and LOVED it..

see you in Nov.


ps.. Vincent.. Email me and we'll setup a private tasting for soon as the weather turns sunny, I'd like to do some charcuterie tasting.. and you could be the official wine supplier of that event if you'd like :)


Byron Dooley said...

Vincent - yes, please do. I hope I can swing the next one...

Todd, Thanks so much - I'm thrilled you're enjoying the wine, and I'll be looking forward to seeing you again the weekend before Thanksgiving...