March 26, 2005

Preparing for Magnum Madness

There's an annual event here in Portland known as Manning March Magnum Madness. Manning referring to Marshall and Carolyn Manning, local wine people who always seem to be hosting can't miss wine events. March Madness refers to the annual US collegiate basketball tournament that produces some level of hysteria among our citizenry. And Magnum of course refers to 1.5L bottles of wine, perfect for larger gatherings. The event is held at the Manning residence in Portland and is open to any good natured person with a magnum of something fun if not special. It always draws a crowd.

So Magnum Madess is tonight. I have my bottle, the '03 Marcel Lapierre Morgon, a cru Beaujolais from Berkeley-based importer Kermit Lynch (who incidentially has just joined the 21st century with a website of his very own - well done Kermit). And I'm bringing some of my home-baked bread. Two kinds in fact, Pane Francese, which is Italian-style French bread, and Pain de Seigle, a rye bread that's actually the Seigle de Thiézac from Joe Ortiz's book The Village Baker. And in a weak attempt to match the generosity of the hosts, I'm also bringing a bottle of NV Broadbent Madeira Terrantez Old Reserve. Although it is officially nonvintage wine, the shipper estimates the wine is at least 40-50 years old if not from a single vintage in the 1930s.

Should be interesting to say the least. I'll report on the results should I return in one piece.


Peter Finkelstein said...

What's your take on Tom Wank's blog?

Vincent Fritzsche said...

I know of a Tom Wark, and his blog looks fine by me.

Peter Finkelstein said...

Does that mean that both Tom Wark and Tom Wank have wine blogs?

It is all very confusing to the comsmuer.

David Nelson said...

Thanks for the Kermit link, Vincent. I've been meaning to subscribe to the newsletter for years, but never got around to picking up the phone. The last Age of Riesling indicated Bill Mayer was finally setting up a website. Looks like the end of an era.