September 28, 2005

Harvest is Here

After a dry and moderate summer, the grape harvest in the Willamette Valley is in full swing. I'm working at a local winery as many days as I can fit in without getting fired from my "real" job. So I'm more than a little busy. For once I have a good excuse for not updating my blog much, but stay tuned. I'll try to give updates on how things go, own continuing experiments in homebrewed wine.


Marshall Manning said...

Wow, you're sure getting some good posts here on the blog!

Vincent Fritzsche said...

It may be naive of me to admit this, but I'm shocked at the spam. Why can't people just keep themselves busy with porn or something else equally productive and useful for society? Who writes programs to add spam comments to blogs? Idiots!

Marshall Manning said...

Yeah, another friend of ours who has a Blogger site resorted to forcing people to log in before they could make comments.

How'd harvest go?