December 06, 2006

Domaine Tempier and Lots More on Wine Terroirs

Ok, I'm not exactly frequent with blog posts. And I haven't exactly filled out a site's worth of links and other resources I thought I'd have gotten too long before now.

But savvy élevage readers may have noticed the link on the lower right to Wine Terroirs, my favorite wine blog. If you don't check it out already, bookmark it.

Now, Paris-based photographer and writer Bertrand Celce doesn't exactly update his wine blog much more frequently than I do mine.

But the content. And the photos. Wine Terroirs is gorgeous and among great wine literature in its ability to make you thirsty.

Bert has spent the past two years travelling around France calling on a laundry list of producers I only wish I had the opportunity to visit. His latest post is Tempier, probably around the time I had that nice chance to taste Tempier here in Portand and chat with winemaker Daneil Ravier.

And Bert's been to Oregon, visiting this past summer and posting on one of my favorites, Evesham Wood. I only wish I had known and then invited myself along.

Yes, Bert's a non-native English speaker and writer, and his prose isn't exactly poesy. But he's a good taster, relays terrific information, and the site as a whole conveys what artisan wine and winemaking are all about.

So go read Wine Terroirs and open a nice bottle of Bandol.


Bertrand said...

Thanks Vincent. So many kind words! I also realized (but too late) that you were based in Portland (and we drove through Portland last june...). This will be for the next time. Plus Portland seemed a nice city with interesting people (as far as I could feel from the street point of view). You're also among the wine blogs that I regularly check and appreciate (the good ones, mostly the ones that were around two years ago...)but somehow I forgot to write down before leaving the names with locations of several people on this trip...
I also noticed a while ago your entries about Evesham Wood and Tempier wines and thought, "our paths cross twice..."
Keep the good job

Shelly Ridder said...

Bertrand, thanks for reading, and please let me know any time you're in this region again. I love Portland, the food and wine culture here is exciting, and only growing. Keep up the good work, I meant every word. Your site is terrific.

Michael Alberty said...

Vincent, thank you for drawing attention to one of the world's most interesting and informative wine blogs. On gray, cold days here in Portland I frequently find myself looking at the photos on Bertrand's blog just to remind myself of summer. And something about those Domaine Bunan photos tell me I have to visit there first thing next harvest!

Shelly Ridder said...

Hey, glad you know about it. Yes, the Bunan pictures were cool. Did you notice the audio files with the sounds of fementing wine? Brilliant stuff, sort of minimalist meets the absurd, and yet it's simply the sound of wine. Wish I'd thought of it.