October 08, 2007

New grape source

Looks like I'm going with my backup source for grapes, which isn't all bad. It's all Pommard clone, which I think is especially interesting here in Oregon. As is the geology in the coast range where the vineyard is located. There's old basalt in the coast range, but really there's a mix of things depending on where you are. I need to investigate this source, which for now must remain anonymous.

Back at the winery, we processed a small amount of Pinot Noir from a vineyard off Abbey Road. Mostly Pommard with some Wadensvil, which tasted good with some rot (again not a lot) and not the brownest of stems. Seeds were pretty brown though, and the flavors seemed good.

Weather condition today were actually pretty nice, with bright cloudy weather and some warmth, which might continue even with some rain this week. If there is a higher power, the forecast for mostly sunny and upper 60s weather this weekend, lingering into a cloudy but dry start to Monday, will come through. Making next Monday a perfect picking day before the bottom falls out with rain and cold next week.

Don't count on it. But something to think about while I look for the phone number for the vineyard where I'm getting chardonnay. Appaarently it's ready, even though I wasn't expecting it until the weekend at the earliest. I'm learning this is normal in winemaking.

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Michael Alberty said...

I want to thank you (and John) for your tip on Heater Allen. I had no idea he was actually selling his beer to the public now. As soon as I can I am head to McMinville to buy a whole bunch of it. And in John's Landing we have performed the appropriate fire stick ceremonies to ward off the heavy rains. Hopefully some of that wind will get here to help dry things out as well!