January 07, 2008

Weirdest Wine Gadget Ever

[edited after encouragement on the home front]

...Such as many bottles of the best wine buy I've found in a long time. That's the 2004 Joseph Drouhin Chassagne Montrachet "Marquis de Laguiche" that's really 1er cru white Burgundy from the Morgeots vineyard (according to two authoritative sources that I'd report if I were more academic and less lazy).

This wine retails from $50 to $90. I found some for $16.99 at a local discounter who has this and a few other treasures for a song. More on that soon enough.

Tonight's bottle was my tester to see if this stuff is damaged. Um, no. This is a gorgeous green gold in color with a fragrance of apples, clay, and subtle spices. No assertive, agressive oak, no weird buttery notes. Just pure, luscious white Burg.

Of course, I first tasted this "warm" after the failed [snip] experience. But it was so good, and only better after 30 minutes in the fridge. Which, you know, does a marvelous job chilling wine. Oh, the texture and flavors here. Definitely high thread count stuff, almost lacy if you can use that term for something other than red Burgundy. Just a baby now, I plan to cellar a bunch for the next decade.

That's more than I can say for the [snip, sorry].

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Michael Alberty said...

I have hated every one of these type of devices I have ever come across. When the Cooper first came out you had to add ice cubes and cold water to it. What? If I had ice cubes and water I'd be in no need of a device that tears the labels off my bottles as they spin. And at this time of year I'm chilling a lot of my bottles by putting them on my back steps for about 30 minutes. It's pretty fool-proof. Well, at least until the neighborhood kids figure it out.