February 21, 2008

Peter Liem Blog

Thanks to whomever wrote on Wine Therapy about Peter Liem's blog.

Long ago Peter lived here in Portland and worked in the wine business, most notably as a co-founder of the terrific but long shuttered Riesling Report.

Peter moved to New York and maybe elsewhere working for Wines & Spirits magazine and other wine related things. Now he's in Champagne researching a book and writing a terrific blog.

Naturally, Peter's writing a lot about Champagne. But don't miss his recent Loire valley trip with the Louis/Dressner clan, among other things.

I also love the photo of his nephew celebrating Chinese New Year. That alone is worth your time, but Peter's clear but expressive writing is unusually pleasing to read. And he seems to write regularly. We hate blogs that don't get updated regularly.

Um...never mind.


Michelaccio said...

I have enjoyed reading Peter's blog. It's good enough that I am willing to overlook his foolish obsession with Arse nal.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Don't tell me you're a fan of Spurs. Or who?

Me, I was all about QPR until their demotion years ago. Probably should have pulled for the away team back in '89 when I went out to White City to see Man U hand them their shorts. But I was young and dumb and thought Highbury was just a stop on the Picadilly.