August 04, 2008

Terrific Spanish Bubbly

Just a quick note to say that the NV Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Heredad is indeed terrific Cava, or Spanish sparkling wine.

You may recognize the name Segura Viudas from their ubiquitous budget brut that I wrote about a few months ago. At least I think I wrote about it. Where's that post? Anyway, that wine is usually $8 or less and is a nice buy in cheap bubbly. It's a definite step up to its parent company's Frexinet bottlings.

The Brut Reserva Heredad is the fanciest bottling, and it comes in a peculiar bottle.

Yes, that's pewter around the bottom and stuck on the middle. Not exactly eco-friendly disposable packaging. How am I supposed to recycle this?

According to marketing literature I see online, the pewter keeps the wine chilled. I don't think so, and judging by the "hand blown" bottle claim (then why's there a seam in the glass?), I wouldn't exactly trust what I read from the producer.

But it's in the glass that counts, right? And this wine delivers. It has a pale greenish gold color, with a fragrant aroma of green apples, biscuits and mushrooms. The flavors are at once rich and lean, with nice length and lots of detail amid the somewhat loud flavor profile. Can I wine be obvious and subtle at once?

The grapes here are macabeo and parellada, which normally give a very fruit-driven wine. Here, better source material and perhaps some bottle age really do lend a more Champagne-like sense to the wine. Very nice stuff, and a good value around $20 if you can get around the pewter.

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