November 01, 2008

2006 Vincent Pinot Noir is ready

It's true. My first real wine is ready for release. Interested in tasting it?

Elevage readers who find themselves in the Portland, OR, area on the afternoon of November 16, come by my garage to taste my 2006 Pinot Noir from the Wahle Vineyard outside of Yamhill. I'll even have a barrel sample of the 2007 to try, as well as a few other wines for comparison. No charge, just make sure to email me at vincentfritzsche (at) yahoo dot com and I'll fill you in on the time and address. It's a drop in thing. Feel free to bring a bottle of something you like. It's going to be low key like that.

Here's the label up close and personal:

Yes, it's called Vincent. I was telling someone about it recently and she said, "that's it?" Well, yes. That's my name. She seemed to think it might be a little vain, but it was also my uncle's and grandfather's name. And it happens to be the name of the patron saint of winemakers., it seems to fit.

She seemed satisfied, but I'm interested to see what others think.

So are you going to make it? Let me know.


Nancy Deprez said...

Very nice! Congratulations. The label and the name are both classy and classic.

I probably can't make it to your tasting, but I wish I could!

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Thanks. Classic is what I'm going for. Sorry you can't make it, but drop a note if you're ever coming up this way. I see you work with Rudi Wiest. Great stuff there.

thor iverson said...

Best of luck, Vincent. I hope I'll get to taste it someday. When you do your first big press tour of New England, let me know.

David Johnstone said...

Vincent, Count me in for a taste or two on the 16th. Good looking label. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Vincent! Sharp label.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Thanks all.

Thor, I have family in the NE and will get out there at some point.

David, please do come by. I'll follow up with specifics.

And beerwinewhisky, thanks. Sharp and classic, both what I'm going for.

Anne said...

Congratulations Vince(nt). I love the name and the label. Good work.

Do you think it's as good as the vin we drank straight from the bottle on the park bench in Paris? hmmm

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Good memories. This wine is park bench worthy, just not park bench tested. Yet.

Marshall Manning said...

You should have called it "Vinnie" and labeled it as Pinot Nero.

Gordon Schultz said...

A classy label for sure, but it looks almost exactly like the Stephen Vincent label from California.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Gordon, that's too bad to hear. I'm familiar with that producer, but haven't seen their label. There are a number of people using "vincent" in their name somewhere, but I certainly don't want label similarity. I'll check it out, but this is just a first go, for wine made in the garage. We'll adjust if necessary.