January 16, 2009

Nice Rhone QPR

I have a coworker who occasionally asks me for cheap, good wine recommendations. The Les Heritiques wine has been a hit, and I've recommended other things. But something I'll have to mention is the 2007 Chaussynette Vin de Table Francais, from Chateauneuf du Pape producer Mas de Boislauzon. It's essentially like a good modern styled Cotes du Rhone, a syrah/grenache blend that might have other things in there, but I can't really tell.

I found this wine for $5 on closeout at a local favorite market. Usually its $8 to $10, still a bargain for the quality. This isn't fine wine, but it stikes me as something you'd easily pay double for if it were from the U.S. It's dark colored, ripe smelling with a little stinkiness that decanting took care of. It's not complex but ripe and savory at once, with a full flavor, juicy acidity, and ripe tannin. A more old school southern Rhone wine would be more cherry flavored and less sweetly fruited, but this is still delicious, darker fruit flavored and less refreshing than other wines, but still perfectly nice and good value. Check it out.

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