July 31, 2009


It was smoking hot this week in Portland, OR. Near all-time record temperatures, including two 106F (41C) days in a row. Ouch. Annoyingly hot.

Happily, Thursday night was tasting group in the assertively air conditioned confines of a local wine establishment. I was tempted to show up "early" Tuesday AND Wednesday just for an extra taste of that cool, but couldn't motivate.

Our theme this month? Rosé. How fitting. I didn't take notes, but this was an interesting line up and worth writing about.

First the 2008 Denis Jamain Reuilly Rosé of Pinot Gris, pale salmon colored and deliciously fragrant and mineral, with just a touch of tannin from the skin contact. I've loved pretty much every example of this I've tried. Here's another winner.

Then the 2007 Crochet Sancerre Rosé of Pinot Noir, wooly and lanolin smelling like Loire chenin, not at all about fruit but something crying out for goat cheese or other food. Very good but not something for casual sipping on a hot day.

So too with the 2005 Roty Marsannay Rosé, a Burgundian rosé of pinot noir that's barrel aged and released late. This had scents of pine resin and slightly unripe peaches, and was all about texture in the mouth. Loverly broad mouthfeel with good freshness, cherries, soil, again I wouldn't pour this on the deck but with the right food it's probably stunning. More tannin here, for sure.

Then the 2008 Ott Selection Les Domaniers de Puits Mouret Cotes de Provence Rosé. This regional wine from Domaines Ott of Bandol paled in comparison to the last two wines on first blush (oh, the puns...sorry), but tonight I have the rest of the bottle and it's quite nice if a bit alcoholic. Pale color with melon and strawberry aromas, some alcohol in there too. The flavors are round and ripe with floral, strawberry, faint pepper and rock notes and appropriately Mediterrean alcohol levels, present but not objectionable. I don't mind a bit of tangy heat in my Provencal rosé. This I would guzzle on a back porch in July.

We tried a few others in this line up, but these were my favorites. So I'll leave it at that.

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Dudley said...

The heat can bring out the best of our creative/fun side.

We had Deschutes Imperial Porter (XXI) with cigars at 11pm and it rocked!

Hope you and yours are well. Been meaning to call to see if you wanted to break for a beer before sumer is gone.