November 19, 2009

I don't have a lot of rules in life, but one is that any reference to Cinderella in pop music is strictly forbidden. The whole concept of Cinderella makes me a little ill. Just seeing the name makes my stomach turn a bit. Apologies if that's true for you.

Nevertheless, wine internet king Gary Vaynerchuk of the Wine Library in New Jersey is behind a site launched last month called The idea is that one ridiculous value in wine will be offered per day. Why that awful name? The deal ends at midnight, east coast time anyway. Maybe a little earlier it turns out. For us on the west coast, each evening there's a new deal to consider. Read more about the site on Wine Berserkers.

What's tonight's deal? How about Guiseppe Mascarello's 2003 Barolo Monprivato for a little less than $39? Not cheap wine, but for a cru Barolo of that level, that price is a giveaway. Buy three and you get free ground shipping. All that I can't resist.

Yes, it's 2003, the notorious hot vintage all over Europe. But I've been more pleased with 2003s from Italy's Piedmont region than just about anywhere else in Europe. Call me naive for tolerating ripe nebbiolo. I don't care. I'm sure this is terrific wine. Remember, buy producers, not vintages...even in 2003. Well, sometimes. Guiseppe, I'm in your hands.

So, if you're like me, be careful if you check each night. Sickening name, but there are absolutely sick deals.

edit - I see now that when a "Cindy" wine sells out, it turns into a pumpkin. Really? A pumpkin? That should be banned.


Iron Chevsky said...

So how did the '03 G.Mascarello turn out? I've had some '03 Barolos (Gaja, B. Mascarello), some really good some not so much. The ripeness and lushness is always there, sometimes a bit of heat, but with good acidity, they work. I agree compared to the French, theItalians made good 2003's in the cooler areas, as I've had some good Brunello from that vintage as well (Villa le Prata Brunello 2003 is to die for!).

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Iron Chev,
I haven't tried any of the bottles I bought. I had tried one sourced locally and liked it, thought it worth taking a chance on anyway. We'll see.