December 01, 2009

2007 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir Dundee Hills

I wrote months ago about seeing this wine on sale in Portland, [perhaps a victim of the economy and some mixed reviews on the 2007 vintage locally for pinot noir. Everybody seems to have lowered their prices on 2007s. There are some great buys still out there, even this one if you look carefully.

Did I ever write a tasting note for the 2007 Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills pinot from Jim Arterberry Maresh. (For the record, it's pronounced Marsh.). I don't think I did, so here goes.

First you see the translucent ruby color. Then there's the senuous perfume of dried flowers, cherries, strawberries, clay and spice. I don't pick up any intrusive oakiness, just subtle wood spice that marries beautifully with the grape. This wine is pure silk in the mouth, with tangy cherry and light raspberry flavors, complex spice and a lovely, soft tannic texture. There's good length and this matches nicely with homemade turkey and roast vegetable sandwiches. I really like this, and around $20 locally, it's a bargain.

I read a decent review of this wine in a commercial publication that suggests it's almost rose in hue and probably best served lightly chilled, like a pink wine. That seems like faint praise and simply off base to my experiences with it. I love rose, but this is red wine. This is what good Oregon pinot noir is all about. This will cellar for a few years. I wouldn't lose it in the basement for too long. So many of the good 2007s are already fragrant and silky, I'm not sure how much they'll gain even if they last a while. But this wine isn't some afterthought, to be lost among black hued, excessively oaky local wines. As Jimmy Maresh would put it, this is the shit. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

I found this recently at a Freddies on blow out for $8.50! Crazy.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

That is crazy. Another Freds had a few bottle at 50% off $28 in the close out bin. But $8.50 is absurd. That's the market talking, and wine geek friend wine stewards. The wine is worth much more, in my opinion.

Thad W. said...

Your experience with this delicious wine was very similar to the bottle I enjoyed at Thistle in McMinnville last month. What a terrific find - a wine that I will definitely stock up on at that price point.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Thad, I saw your post and meant to reply. Then I found your comment here (the notification got filtered, dangit). So glad you enjoyed the wine. Thanks for the mention.

I LOVE YOU said...
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