April 04, 2010

Dinner with Morgon

Easter dinner and tasting note with images.

Onion and chard omlette with gruyere, fluffy textured, delicate and rich at once.

Steamed asparagus with lemon, sweet butter and fleur de sel, not as sweet and tender as you'd hope but pretty good.

 Warmed pugliese that's a little spongy but the kids like that.

2002 Marcel Lapierre Morgon, rusting a bit as you can see, a lovely complex aroma of strawberry preserves, soil, black tea and hummus. Softly textured with bright acidity, broad flavored, strawberries in autumn with a little cheese rind on the finish, obviously low sulfur here but more than alive and delicious with the meal, especially texturally. Please age your best cru Beaujolais. It's worth your time and cellar space, and worthy of a simple but special family dinner on a cold spring holiday.


Marshall Manning said...

BTW, great glass choice on the Lapierre. I find that the OR Pinot glass works better for Cru Beaujolais than it does for OR Pinot, as anything with higher alcohol levels seems exaggerated with those glasses.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Phew. I thought you were going to complain about the lack of meat on the table, especially pork on Easter. I bought a bunch of OR pinot glasses for my tastings so they're my standard glass. I see what you mean about alcohol. Tonight an '07 Mt Eden Wolfe Chardonnay was kind of hot in one. Probably should have used a smaller glass. But for all the gamay, burg, pinot, Loire red, and neb I drink, the pinot glass seems pretty good overall.