July 28, 2010

Vincent futures offer is out

It's been great to see several élevage readers let me know over time that they wanted to get on my now official winery mailing list. This morning I sent out the first offering of our 2009 Vincent wines to the list. This is a futures offering for wines to be released this fall.

If you're interested but not already on our list, sign up here.

If not, no worries. This site is connected to our Vincent Wine Company winery but distinct. I'm still a wine geek who wants to write about wine. I'll periodically let you know about official stuff, but mostly this is here for geeking out.

1 comment:

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

I got it this morning, and you'll be getting my order in a few days.

Congrats again on living the dream, while keeping a roof over your head.. you're my idol :)