September 28, 2010

Guild exposure

Very cool to wake up this morning to an article on Guild Winemakers in the Oregonian. Throughout the day the piece got picked up by places like eater.pdx and oregonbusiness, with other outlets planning articles or radio pieces. Even Jon Bonne, wine editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, tweeted "A brilliant concept ... score one for Portland" with a link to the Oregonian article. I agree. This is exactly what Portland needs, and perhaps many cities. Cooperation. Reasonably priced wine for everyday drinking. Alternative packaging. Urban wine culture. It feels right, no?


Paul said...

A guild-y pleasure.

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

congratulations... it's nice to see a local option priced so well, that tastes so good.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Paul, I'd groan but I love a good pun. Nicely done.

PCP, thanks.