March 29, 2011

Continuing marketplace saga

Nothing to spectacular to write tonight. Just another day out in the Portland wine market pouring my 2009 Vincent Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills wine for buyers at New Seasons and Whole Foods Markets. Some success. New Seasons Hawthorne is bringing it in, as is New Seasons Happy Valley. No word on the other stores I visited, and because most of the stores don't really make appointments, just have drop in times, sometimes you wait your turn. Sometimes there isn't anyone there or they just went to lunch. Sometimes they've already left for the day even though you're not done with yours.

Which is to say, a typical day selling wine. Some success, some failure, no outright rejection, sure, but a lot of work to get two sales. But I'm not discouraged. A friend heard the news and was so excited for me, it jarred me for a moment to realize that, yes, I'm doing what I love and having success. How could that be anything but great?

Oh, and both of those New Seasons stores want to bring me in for in-store tastings, which I'm still new enough at this to be really excited about. My goal is really to get lots of people who don't know what I'm up to, making what I believe is really good Pinot Noir in the city of Portland, OR, to know what I'm up to. And pouring and being able to tell everyone out there on the interwebs that I'm gong to be pouring, isn't a bad way to start.

Next up, more time in the market hitting lots of stores I still haven't gotten to, and the few I hit today unsuccessfully. You interested to hear more about how this all turns out?


Al said...

I am glad that your wine will be in New Seasons Happy Valley. I look forward to your in store tasting there. I am interested in following your marketing efforts.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Al, thanks for the comment. I'll definitely keep in touch about the in-store tasting. Right now slated for May 6 but that's not official.

Portland Charcuterie Project said...

You know what they say v... " a bad day selling ( or making ) wine is better than a good day sitting in cubicle hell"

Keep living the dream for us :-)

Vincent Fritzsche said...

True that. But I have cubicle hell AND wine to sell. Very confusing.