May 22, 2011

NV Domaine Meriwether Discovery Cuvee Brut

I love sparkling wine but don't drink enough. I usually don't have much of it in the cellar, though in the past year I've purchased several bottles of Champagne and other sparkling wines. Then I fail to open them, waiting for something to celebrate.

Why do we only think of sparkling wine for celebrations? It's so good and versatile on the dinner table. And who among wine drinkers doesn't like sparkling wine?

And why don't we celebrate more? Why not celebrate a new wine account or the love of someone special?

So tonight, for those reasons or none at all, I opened a local sparkling wine, the NV Domaine Meriwether Discovery Cuvee Brut. What a terrific Oregon white wine. Pale in color, seemingly more Chardonnay even if the website says it's 60% Pinot Noir, smelling of lemons and mushrooms, tasting bright and edgy with a lemon cream middle and lovely tension on the finish.

There is even a chalky sense of good Champagne that I find so refreshing and thought provoking. What incredibly delicious wine. No one ever seems to talk about Domaine Meriwether but almost every time I try one of their wines, I think they are among the top producers of Oregon wine.


Andy Perdue said...

Vincent, was this a recent wine? We've been trying to track down the folks at Meriwether without luck, so we thought they'd gone out of business.

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Andy, interesting to hear that. I believe this is a new release, with a blue and white label that's not even on their web site. Last fall a batch of their discovery cuvee was closed out at a giveaway price. But lately this new colored label has been out at roughly a $20 price, so I thought it appropriate to try the new release. Definitely give them another look.

Rob Burden said...

Omelets! The key to my Champagne/sparkler consumption. If i'm hung up on the whole celebratory/Champagne thing, but have a good bottle that needs my attention, I make an omelet. Goat cheese, truffle oil, shallots and prosciutto di parma with a 10-year-old Frank Family Blanc de Noir was the last combo. Great blog!

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Rob, great call. Omelets! A favorite dinner, and one I usually think of with still Pinot Noir. But sparkling wine! Perfect. Thanks for the kinds words.

Anonymous said...
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Vincent Fritzsche said...

Good point anon. Bacon omelets are reason enough to celebrate. And would be a great match for most sparkling wine.