July 14, 2011

Reading KCole

I'm on vacation in California - non-wine vacation, with family - so maybe that explains my absence. There just isn't too much to write about, what with hiking in the Sierra and playing some golf, drinking cold beer and eating too much, now in the SF area for a few days to see in-laws before a weekend return to Portland.

However, I have been reading. For pure pleasure, I'm reading Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night. And for "work" I'm reading Katherine Cole's Voodoo Vintners: Oregon's Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers. I'll review it slightly more formally when I finish it, soon.

For now, Cole is simply a pleasure to read, making Fitzgerald wait or at least share the bedside table. I wasn't sure what she would write about biodynamics, but as I tweeted last week when starting the book, she brings a nice mix of intrigue and healthy skepticism to the topic. The result is a lovely profile of the Oregon wine scene, which in reflection is centered more on biodynamics than I realized. I highly recommend it to any wine geek interested in Oregon, biodynamics, and ideally both.


Anonymous said...
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Vincent Fritzsche said...

It's definitely worth a read. As she writes in the book, there isn't much out there on biodynamics in wine. In my experiences, what is out there is mostly from zealots on one end or another of the for it/against it spectrum. This book fills a big gap on the subject. And yes, a lovely portrait of many people in the local industry.

Michael Alberty said...

If this post stays up much longer I think you can start charging her for advertising ;-}