May 10, 2012

2010 Vincent wines sold out

I'm happy to say that I've sold out of all four of my 2010 Vincent Wine Company wines. It took more than 12 months to sell 200 cases of the 2009s and only six months to sell all 300 cases of pinot noir from 2010. I'm excited that things seem to be starting pretty well.

As one of my growers suggested magnanimously, I should make more wine, presumably from his grapes. I will this year, with chardonnay coming online and maybe another bump in pinot production. It's not easy. I have a full time job outside of wine, so I think it's smart to grow slowly. Plus, it takes money to grow more quickly.

All of this I say apropos of nothing, only that I've learned it's right to celebrate things like this. And celebrate we will. Then next week it's off to New York to help promote the wine we're selling there. I'm looking forward to that trip. More on all that soon.

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