October 22, 2008

Copyright bullshit

A note from the management of Elevage to all third party content aggregators using content from this site on your site without permission.

Stop it.

That means you, "w-i-n-e-w-o-n-k-s" and any others out there. No, I'm not interested in being part of your ad driven websites. You're not finding me readers. You're generating money for yourselves.

I don't appreciate your taking content without clear attribution. I don't recall ever being asked to participate. I wouldn't agree to it anyway.

So I'm going to have to state the obvious that all content on Elevage is copyrighted by Vincent Fritzsche, any usage or reproduction of content from Elevage is prohibited without express written consent from me, Vincent Fritzsche.

Jesus Christ. Is that really necessary? How pathetic are people?

Ok, back to wine.


Michael Alberty said...

May I quote you on that?

Vincent Fritzsche said...

As a matter of fact, yes, you may.

I'm going to try to get down to the tasting Friday night. Sounds good.