May 02, 2009

Champalou Vouvray

Quick note on the 2004 Champalou Vouvray Cuvee des Fondreaux. This chenin blanc is essentially demi-sec in sweetness, and usually lacking the acidic cut of other more highly regarded producers such as Huet and Foreau.

Still, I have always liked this wine for its purity, honied aroma and, yes, value. We can't always afford Huet. This 2004 edition is classic with its perfume of honey, chamomile and lemon, with subtle mineral notes that come out with airing. In the mouth, there are golden fruit flavors and a mild honey sweetness, without enough acid balance to cleanse the palate and carry the flavors out for quite a while.

In sum, what delicious Loire white wine that has surprising aging ability. For $18 this is ok value. Occasionally you can find it for $14 or even less, and at that price I think it's terrific.

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