September 05, 2009

Garage tasting is here

We spent some of the afternoon getting the garage ready for Sunday's wine tasting. Clearning out all the junk we usually store out there. Sweeping the floor and wiping off the old barrels we use for tables for these events. We have some cheese and meats and what not to snack on. I'll go to the market in the morning for fresh bread and anything else that looks good. We have lots of glasses but no doubt even more people coming, so we'll be washing to keep up with the crowd. Everything should and will go well. I just can't help but be a little nervous.

I suppose athletes are right when they say that if you don't have some butterflies before a game, something's wrong. You can believe in yourself all you want. Still it's a challenge to put yourself out there for others to see and critique. Wine making isn't performance art, yet there comes a time when you need to open the door and let people see what you've been doing. It's an act of letting go, and something that's a lot easier for me to do than think about. Still, I can't wait for tomorrow.

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