September 11, 2009

Grochau Cellars pre-harvest release this Sunday

Not to be all nostalgic, but this is the 300th post in the 4+ years of this site. At the beginning I never thought how long I'd be doing this blog. It's all right though. Here's to at least 300 more.

So, this Sunday, September 13, I'll be down at the Portland Wine Project for Grochau Cellars' pre-harvest release party. It's all afternoon, five measly bucks at the door, taste John Grochau's new sryah, tempranillo, sauvignon blanc, and who knows what else. The address is NW 30th and Industrial in NW Portland, right across the street from Pyramid Brewing's Taproom.

The Portland Wine Project is where I'll be making my first commercial wine this fall. I think this facility is going to be the catalyst for an urban wine boom(let) here in Portland. This town's full of breweries and more and more distilleries. I want to be part of making urban wine a big deal here in town. Grochau and partners Boedecker Cellars are already making that happen. Come down and check it out. Hope to see you. Just show up.

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