January 25, 2010

Berserker Day on Wednesday -- Get your Vincent barrel tasting

Wine Berserkers, my pick for wine story of 2009, celebrates its 1 year anniversary this week on Wednesday, January 27. The Vincent Wine Company is very pleased to offer a free barrel tasting of 2009 pinot noir here in Portland as part of the many prizes and special offers that will be available on Wednesday, what's being called Berserker Day.

The whole point of the day is to get more and more people to know about and visit the Wine Berserkers site. As I wrote a few weeks ago, it's the fastest growing wine discussion site on the internet. It's also doing more than any other site to break down the barriers between us regular wine enthusiasts and, well, us regular wine industry types. I'm sort of in both camps, so I think I have a unique perspective.

I go to Wine Berserkers to learn about the latest wines from all over the world, to share and read notes on wines spanning decades, and to connect with other winemakers to talk about winemaking science and technique, equipment, weather, and whatever else you can imagine. There's even a forum dedicated for wine flaks, for all aspects of wine sales and marketing. The beauty is that non-industry types are welcome to chime in too. There's great Q&A, and we all learn from being there and participating.

Berserker Day is a celebration of all that, with unprecedented participation from from producers like Biggio Hamina, Loring, Kosta Browne, Holdredge, Cameron Hughes, Cargassachi, and several others, including Vincent. Then there are deals and giveaways from Hi-Times in Costa Mesa, Heater-Allen Brewing, Graperadio, even a tasting of Chateauneuf du Pape over in Chateauneuf or Geneva, whatever's easier for you. This should be cool.

So check it out. I'm going to be visiting frequently as I expect various offers to happen all day long. For the record, our deal is to have a small group taste at the winery, along with some surprises to make it a memorable event. Win but can't make it here? We'll figure something good out. Hope to see you at Berserker Day and maybe here in Portland.

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