September 08, 2009

Great write up from Storyteller Wine in Portland

I'm a big fan of Storyteller Wine Company here in Portland. We have a number of great wine shops, but this relative newcomer is among the best. The store itself isn't the typical retail establishment with a ton of wine on the shop floor. Rather, there are several carefully selected wines, lots of great tastings and a particular focus on direct sales to customers all around the country.

Head Storyteller Michael Alberty writes a great email newsletter that goes out at least once a week, always with one or more great finds. Definitely get on his list if for no other reason than to read his perspective on all things wine, music, food and sport related. Chelsea supporters might even get an extra bottle in their orders.

Imagine my surprise when the latest newsletter included a bunch of information and the wine I've been making in the garage and soon will make at the Portland Wine Project. I'm new enough in all this to get REALLY excited about this kind of feedback. Check it out, and don't miss Michael's latest bargain -- 2007 Arterberry-Maresh Pinot Noir Dundee Hills. I've been really impressed by what Jim Arterberry-Maresh is making. No doubt I'm buying some.

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Keith said...

I have heard much about storyteller wine company but never tested one from them.... my friend is very found of their wines. he on and off narrates me his experience about wine, champagne and cigars. it was he who told me first about cuban cigars. I think i should plan to go for checking some wines from this company.