October 03, 2009

2001 Martelet de Cherisey Blagny 1er Cru La Genolette

Tonight we made a light vegetable stew with corn, red pepper, tomatoes and green beans. Add in Basmati rice and pan fried Carlton Farms thick cut pork chops, and I thought a nice red Burgundy would be the right match. Indeed.

Blagny is the red appellation in the Cotes du Beaune that, if white wine, is known as Meursault or Puligny Montrachet. Confusing, yes, but I find that this appellation can provide terrific value in quality red Burgundy. This 2001 Martelet de Cherisey Blagny La Genolette is mature ruby in color, with an excellent fragrance of pie cherries, undergrowth and hummus. The flavors are similar, with bright acidity and fine tannin that turns a bit drying on the finish. Still, this is real red Burg with a changing aroma, a silky texture and great flavors that marry wonderfully with dinner. This may not have the refinement of top bottlings, but it's everything I hoped it would be. A quick web search suggests you might find this wine for a bargain price, and I'm thinking of stocking up.

Also note, the top of the cork was covered in black funky mold. I wondered if the cork had leaked, but instead I suspect this bottle sat for a few years in the producer's cellar uncapsuled. I find this with Loire wines sometimes. The cork was otherwise pristine, meaning the top was affected by sitting in a cellar before being labeled. That may at first look suspicious, but ultimately it's a great sign of provenance.

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