October 25, 2009

Five barrels of pinot noir

I have my first five barrels of pinot noir tonight, all free run wine from the Domaine Coteau vineyard on Walnut hill. Two fermenters worth, and they taste pretty promising I think. The press wine from this lot is still to come, and the free run and press wine from my one ton of Zenith vineyard pinot. That's finally dry and showing some size, which should be a hit with many tasters. All done Thursday? Let's hope so.


Paul said...

But wait, what about malolactic fermentation?

Vincent Fritzsche said...

Alcoholic fermentation is done, and the wines are going to barrel for their elevage before bottling in a year or so. Malolactic fermentation will happen over winter into spring, depending on how fast things progress. But that's a subtle process, not requiring the labor of harvest which is happily coming to a close.